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Tate Advisory Group is a hand-selected team assisting buyers throughout Central Florida. Let’s take a look at what the buying experience is like when you work with these esteemed.

With a singular goal of creating an elevated real estate experience for all of their clients, the Tate Advisory Group embraces innovation and utilizes sophisticated strategies to help buyers find the perfect home. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, our team is equipped to assist you with all of your real estate needs. Below you will find an overview of the home buying process and what you expect from the experience.

Pre-Approval Process

While searching for your home is the best part of the overall experience, it’s strongly recommended that you get pre-approved first by a qualified mortgage lender. Establishing your financial range and your estimated budget is an essential part of buying a home. Having a certified pre-approval letter will set you apart, as sellers will expect you to have a commitment letter before they look at your offer.

Accredited lenders will need to examine your financial documents to determine how much money you qualify for, including the following:

  • Proof of income
  • Usually a pay stub from your primary job
  • Additional documentation from any secondary sources of income
  • Credit score
  • Credit report
  • Any assets
  • Employment verification
  • Miscellaneous documents pertaining to your finances

Keep in mind that you don’t have to borrow the full amount you receive approval for, consider your personal financial situation and budget accordingly.

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Begin Your Home Search

Prior to starting the search, consider what you are looking for in a home. Location is key! There are many factors to consider, such as your work commute, local schools, community activities, the appeal of each neighborhood, close amenities, parks, entertainment, and more. When you assess a neighborhood, think about what you like and dislike about it and what it might look like a few years from now.

Towns, suburbs, and cities are constantly evolving and a less desirable neighborhood might improve significantly in years to come. The Tate Advisory Group can recommend the best communities based on your lifestyle. Apart from the location, also consider what features and amenities you want in your new home. What are your deal breakers? This valuable insight will assist your agent in narrowing down the search criteria.

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Make an Offer

Making a winning offer is perhaps the most stressful component of buying a property, especially if you enter a bidding war. But with the assistance of an experienced team behind you, making an offer becomes much easier. Having a pre-approval letter also gives you a significant advantage and will make you look much more appealing to sellers than buyers without one. 

For starters, making an incredibly high offer is not necessarily the right move. Conduct research into the area with your realtor's help to ascertain the right number. Comparative reports detailing recent similar sales will serve as guideposts to find the optimal offer. 

Leave wiggle room in your amount. It's not a good investment to immediately spend the entirety of your loan on your initial offer. Try to keep your emotions in check during this phase, don't let your excitement blind you to the house's defects. Then make a respectable offer; you don't want to lowball either!

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Closing is the final step to buying a home. It requires a few last items like the home inspection, appraisal, loan documents, and the final walkthrough––which is different from the home inspection. As exciting as it is to become a homeowner, take the closing process seriously as this stage is where the most significant decisions are made. You'll also want to budget the closing costs ahead of time to ensure you don't meet any unnecessary obstacles while crossing the final hurdle.

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